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LKL has (crash) landed

If you can read this post on my website, it’s because, magically, I’ve managed to land LKL at the right airport. I might even have landed on the right runway. But I know in advance that I’ll have skidded off the end of the runway, or might have damaged the gantry on the terminal building. Most of the damage can be fixed, but it will take time.

So please bear with me as I identify and fix any bugs. Something’s bound to go wrong when you move webhosts. Hopefully nothing that can’t be put right. I’ve retained all the LKL stuff at my old webhost, so in the event of a complete disaster I can go back and start again…

Please report any bugs by leaving a comment below.

One thought on “LKL has (crash) landed

  1. The damage is worse than I was expecting. I identified the first four potential bugs during my testing process and thought I had fixed them…

    So here are the known bugs so far:

    1. .htaccess redirect not working. Correction: OK, it’s working for just about any URI apart from plain old “”. It’s fine if there’s a slash after the /blog, and “” gets redirected to “”, which is what I wanted. So now I just need to figure out how to get the page to load if someone types in “” (without a final slash). Hmmmm. I can’t seem to fix it with amending the .htaccess file in the root directory, so I’ll just live with it. I’ve amended the 404 message to encourage people to navigate back to the home page.
    2. BlogWatch service not working. While it was working fine on my test site, that was on another server. I need to tweak my PHP installation to support multibyte strings if I’m to get the RSS aggregator working again. Apparently it’s easy, so the error message said. Hmmmm. Not so. I’ve played around with my Web Host Manager configuration, read the PHP documentation and no luck so far. There doesn’t appear to be any suitable alternative aggregator, either. This one’s going to take a while. OK. Having browsed my book on Web Host Manager software I find that in order to tweak my PHP installation I need to selecet “Apache Update” in WHM. Obvious huh? So I try that and I get the error message that there’s not enough memory. And now the website has fallen over. OK, my support people have sorted out whatever it was that made everything fall over. But if the problem really is that I need to do a PHP reinstall I’m off back to Bluehost for a couple of days while I clean up the server where I am now. I’ve just updated the DNS settings, so off we go again… OK, it was quite easy. A quick overnight stop in Utah (Bluehost) while I fixed my PHP installation in Texas, switch back the DNS settings, and everything seems fine.
    3. Google Adsense manager plugin not working. OK – upgraded to latest version, and it seems to be working now. Now I just need to play “hunt-the-post-where-there’s-a-google-ad” and fix the code. Now that I’m a pro at querying SQL files that’ll be a breeze.
    4. Flickr page not working. Hopefully, I should be able to fix it by making the cache directory writable. Fixed, for the moment at least, by changing the cache permissions. And now fixed more permanently, with sensible cache permissions, by recompiling the PHP. See 9 below
    5. A number of posts have lost their categories. Fixed. Only a problem with a handful of more recent posts which I’d written in an earlier version of WP and had imported into a WP2.3.3 database. It was a calculated time-saving risk, and the damage was minimal.
    6. Images aren’t displaying in the post-editing window. Thankfully in the published posts everything seems OK Seems to have fixed itself on its own
    7. Extended Live Archive plugin not working. Getting error message: “Warning: fopen(/home/londonko/public_html/wp-content/plugins/af-extended-live-archive/cache/categories.dat) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/londonko/public_html/wp-content/plugins/af-extended-live-archive/af-extended-live-archive-include.php on line 723”. Switching off the plugin and removing the link to the archive page until I can fix it.
    8. Bad Behaviour has blacklisted me for bad behaviour — so I can no longer update this comment. So I’ve disabled it.
    9. WordPress not working without setting directory permissions to 777. This was the big one, which needed my PHP to be recompiled with PHPSuExec rather than as an Apache Module. And which needed me to upgrade my memory. All fixed now, and the permissions are set to something a bit more secure.
    10. Google Adsense only showing public service ads. OK, fixed. I needed to load up my Adsense account reference into my adsense manager plugin

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