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New Year’s resolutions

New Year diary

1 I will free myself from the daily post

Having managed to maintain one post per day for the past 15 months or so, even when on holiday, I’ve now proved to myself I can do it. To be honest, it’s never been much of a struggle to find something to write about, and it’s always a help when other contributors provide material. But henceforth if I’m too busy or on holiday I won’t feel too bad if I miss a few days.

2 I will move webhosts. Again.

Bluehost are fantastic webhosts, but if you need to do anything complicated with your site you need to be elsewhere. Top priority for my site in terms of design is easier navigation. Having a two-foot-long sidebar is bugging me and as far as I can figure out from the design perspective, cascading menus in the header have got to be the answer – which seems to mean plenty of scripts running. Every time I’ve experimented with different solutions on Bluehost they’ve shut me down for hogging too much power1, so it’s time to move to a VPS. I got some space a few months ago but learning all the new software was a bit too scary at the time. Hopefully I’ll take the plunge in 2008. Meanwhile if anyone knows of a decent Plesk / Virtuozzo / WordPress 101 please let me know.

3 And maybe…

And on the wishlist rather than the list of resolutions:

  • Other design & functionality aspects: Looking back at last year’s New Year wishlist I’ve been lucky to have ticked off most of the items. But in terms of design and functionality I only achieved two out of the eight, and those only really by upgrading to latest version of Scott Wallick’s templates on which the LKL theme is based. Of the remainder it’s still the events calendar that’s bugging me. I’m not putting it on my to-do list for 2008 because I haven’t got the coding skills to write one myself.
  • Content: Thanks to the guest contributors this site expanded its coverage in interesting directions during 2007. New contributors are always welcome: particular areas I would like to see are K-pop and K-drama (but obviously in a targeted way, filtering out all the nonsense); and Brits in Korea.

A prosperous new year to one and all.

  1. Indeed, just an additional javascript ad in the sidebar is enough for Bluehost to take me off-line if there are more than a couple of people online at the same time []

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