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Dokkaebi ate my post

I’m not sure what happened to today’s post. I definitely wrote it last night, and scheduled it for publication this lunchtime, but somehow it’s vanished into the ether. It’s nowhere to be found in the database; google desktop hasn’t cached it; and altogether it’s as if yesterday’s labours were in vain. I’ll just have to write it again.

Meanwhile, here’s a dokkaebi.


2 thoughts on “Dokkaebi ate my post

  1. A woodland spirit, goblin or even troll

    Or in my case, a post-eating gremlin.

    Actually, I think it was a database administrator at my webhost who failed to restore the most recent backup when the server went down.

    And more specifically, it provided me quick material to create a replacement post when I didn’t have time to write anything else!

    As of now, I’m less fussy about writing a post a day, so if the post-eating dokkaebi comes again, there will just be a gap of a day or two in my postings!


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