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Korean dancers at The Place, Euston

Robin Howard Dance Theatre - Touch Wood

First, thanks to Colin Bartlett for letting me know about Korean dancers from the Robin Howard Dance Theatre performing at The Place, near Euston.

We’ve already missed one of the performances, which was yesterday evening: Jin-Yeob Cha, who has worked with a variety of Korean and international choreographers, including Ismael Ivo, Itzik Galili, Iztok Kovac, Kristine Jomalade, Dominique Porte (Montreal Dance Company), Micha Purucker and Katja Wachter.

Saturday night the cast will include Sun-A Lee, whose solo won the French Embassy Young Choreographer’s Prize in this year’s Yokohama Dance Collection. Performing Dream concerns a dancer’s insomnia brought about by the building pressure to perform the following day.

To get an idea of the style of dance, watch this clip. You are warned by the organisers that the show may not contain nudity. The image at the top of this post “is, like, a metaphor”.

Fish Lantern - Thames Festival

Secondly, don’t forget the Thames Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Here’s a map of the Festival. Full details are in my earlier post here. Here’s a pdf of the leaflet.

And if anyone wants to write about either of these events or send in some photos, please feel free – I’m afraid I’m not able to cover either of them.


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