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DPRK travellers’ tales

Pyongyang Guitar (photo: Jason Carter)

Two travel accounts have recently been highlighted in the BAKS list. First, a long account by guitarist Jason Carter of his 10-day trip to Pyongyang earlier this year to perform in a spring music festival. Like many DPRK travel accounts, we find the author having moments of frustration with the minders as well as appreciating contact with the people he meets.

Carter shared the festival with hundreds of other performers, and turned up not knowing what he was expected to play. He gave them one of his own compositions, though the minders wanted something a bit jollier.

For those who have been hanging around the various DPRK themed events in London this year, there will be a familiar name – Suzannah Clarke, the operatic soprano who is regularly seen in Pyongyang as well as occasionally in Chatham House. She and her mother were his constant companions. And a familiar face – People’s Artist Kim Song Min (left) who was recently in London exhibiting some of his paintings. He ended up sharing a table with Jason Carter (centre) at a big dinner in Pyongyang:

Pyongyang banquet (photo: Jason Carter)

Second, an account of an Air Koryo flight from Beijing to Pyongyang, by Paul Karl Lukacs at Knife Tricks.

Be sure to visit both blogs.


Photos from Jason Carter’s site.


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