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Travelling the length of Korea by motorbike

For those who haven’t come across this yet: a project by some bold Kiwis to travel the length of the Korean peninsula, from Baekdusan to Hallsan, by motorbike. The journey took place this summer. Here’s a quick (12 minute) podcast they produced just after they crossed the DMZ into South Korea. and a video documentary … [Read More]

Local Foreigners’ Story: Souvenirs from Seoul Exhibition

An interesting exhibition coming up at Goldsmiths focusing on non-Koreans’ impressions of Seoul: ‘Local Foreigners’ Story’: Souvenirs from Seoul Today, we travel to countries all over the world with great ease. When we begin living outside our usual environment we become foreigners, engaging with our surroundings in new ways depending on where we are, but … [Read More]

A new trend in Korean-speaking Brits?

As an inspiration to the many British Koreaphiles out there who don’t speak the language, look no further than X-factor winners Little Mix. According to the Chosun Ilbo, a contestant performing a cover version of their song Wings on K-pop Star prompted them to release their own Korean version: Rather more proficient is 영국남자 or … [Read More]

Kahoidong gets a Royal Visitor

HRH the Duke of Gloucester has been in Seoul representing the Queen for the formalities which mark the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War ceasefire on 27 July. With Ambassador Wightman and the veterans minister Mark Francois he met with President Park Geun-hye, who said she was looking forward to her state visit to the … [Read More]

Happy 150th Birthday, James Scarth Gale

James Scarth Gale – missionary, translator, and one of the founders of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch – was born 150 years ago on 19 February 1863. His birthday has been marked by an upgraded Wikipedia page, a special page with photos on Brother Anthony’s site, and a memorial service at Yeondong Church (which … [Read More]

David Kilburn’s hanok featured in magazine

Congratulations to David Kilburn of for his hanok feature article in November’s Korea magazine (5Mb pdf download: Next, a talk at the KCCUK? And the illustrators did a good likeness of you too! And from earlier this year: The fading remnants of South Korea's traditional buildings – More press coverage … [Read More]

Don’t do drugs in Korea

What kind of idiot tries to smuggle cannabis seeds into Korea in a jar of peanut butter? Martin Uden advises: don’t try it! Update 28 July 2015: Martin Uden’s ambassadorial blog has now been transferred to the National Archives and can be found here. [Read More]