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Natural City: are stunning visuals enough?

Saharial reviews Natural City, a film which has had a mixed reaction from critics. Set in the distant future after a great war has ravaged the city, R (Yu Ji-Tae) attempts to find a cure for his dying lover, Ria (Seo Rin), a dancer cyborg who is close to expiration. R however is also a … [Read More]

London Koreans in demand in Italy

Two separate exhibitions at opposite ends of Italy have featured the work of London-based Koreans. In the Milan Furniture Fair last week, Jackie Choi London was exhibiting in the Salone Satellite, 22-27 April. The Salone Satellite is designed to showcase the work of young designers under the age of 35. The Choi sisters, Jackie and … [Read More]

Movable metal type, part 1a – Jackson fights back

Following on from some comments on his previous article about moveable metal type, which expressed some doubts as to the justification behind its hallowed status amongst Koreans, Matthew Jackson investigates further, and returns to his original conclusion that it is a unique and extraordinary contribution to world history. 1. Mechanized versus non-mechanized To say that … [Read More]

Waiting with Dae-hun Kwon

On visiting Rachmaninoffs gallery in Hackney, the main exhibits are initially familiar to those who know of Dae Hun Kwon’s (권대훈) work from his installations at I-MYU, the Bargehouse and elsewhere: white images of bare trees in a forest created by the shadows cast by tiny tabs illuminated by a slowly changing pattern of halogen … [Read More]

A new variation on a familiar pun

We all groan when we come across yet another pun involving the Republic of Korea’s capital city. Maybe I should get out more, but yesterday was the first time I had come across the Mart » 마트 » Mate pun. So, welcome Seoul Mate: not a London Korean dating agency but the latest Korean food … [Read More]

The Birth of the YKABs (Young Korean Artists in Britain)!

‘4482: Korean Contemporary Artists London’ exhibition, 16th – 19th October. Seminar, ‘How to promote Korean Art Abroad,’ 18th October 2008. Both at Bargehouse, Southwark. Report by Beccy Kennedy Take forty contemporary artists, a fervent independent curator, an unexpected art space, four floors of art works in throngs of media and genres, and a thriving spot … [Read More]

Korean bookshop in New Malden

Thanks to David Gomez for writing in with an answer to a question which lots of people have asked: where to buy Korean books in London. Not books about Korea, not books about how to learn Korean, but books written in Korean. My standard answer is that I haven’t the foggiest idea, but that if … [Read More]

Suh Do-ho in Psycho Buildings

Psycho Buildings is a cosmopolitan collaboration in which artists from as far afield as Tokyo and Cuba “take on” architecture. Suh Do-ho (right) is one of the diaspora of Korean artists working in various countries around the world. Like Baik Nam June, Suh has chosen to make his home in America. Suh’s work has in … [Read More]

The Return of the King

Aashish Gadhvi deconstructs the return of Park Ji-sung In case you don’t know, my birthday’s coming up, and what I want is a Man United shirt, with printed number 13, ‘J.S. Park’ on the back. The reason I ask is because the damn shirt doesn’t even exist in Manchester United’s Megastore in Old Trafford. Upon … [Read More]

AKS Korean night – she said

One of two accounts of the recent Anglo-Korean Society evening at the KCC – this one by new contributor Béatrice Colbrant What a cheerful and pleasant evening at the Korean Cultural Centre, organised on 10 April 2008 by indefatigable and always enthusiastic Sylvia Park, social events secretary of the Anglo Korean Society! The new Korean … [Read More]

AKS Korean night – he said

One of two accounts of the recent Anglo-Korean Society evening at the KCC – this one by Matthew Jackson The forces of the AKS, KTO and KCC were combined to good effect at the Cultural Evening on Thursday, 10 April. Walking around the packed Cultural Centre, it felt as though things have changed a lot … [Read More]

Korean football in crisis?

Aashish Gadhvi has some issues to get off his chest about the state of Korean football. Its time to face facts, people. The golden generation is finished. The players are all overpaid, high-ego celebrities with more money than talent. The fans don’t get behind the team and no manager in their right mind would take … [Read More]

Technology in the wrong hands – a review of Robert A Kaiser’s Project Yellow Sky

Robert A Kaiser: Project Yellow Sky — A Korean Conspiracy (Authorhouse, November 2006) Those who visit websites with Korea-related content may have come across advertisements for this book in the Google Ads panel. A topical thriller, about the North Koreans trying to steal nuclear secrets… it must be worth putting in the suitcase for a … [Read More]

Suzannah Clarke’s musical diplomacy

A while ago I posted about Jason Carter’s trip to Pyongyang to participate in the annual Friendship Festival. While in Pyongyang, Carter met up with Middlesborough opera diva Suzannah Clarke, who has been performing at the Friendship Festival every year since 2003. Clarke’s North Korean connection is through football. She’s had a long association with … [Read More]

Donawhale debut album

Review by Jenny Wu (CJ Music, May 2007) When I first laid my ears on this album, all I could think was, “what loveliness!” Indie bands often fall into the trap of blandness when they take themselves too seriously. I have little patience when it comes to dull tunes. Thankfully, I found no such problem … [Read More]

Jackie Choi London at 100% Design and Somerset House

Jackie Choi London, the Korean designers whose “Eye” chair was featured on Graham Norton’s show, are showing new designs at 100% Design 2007 (Earls Court, 20-24 September). The sideboard above was inspired by Lucio Fontana and his “Slash” series of works, (example right). The Choi sisters will also be launching a pewter candelabra (left) in … [Read More]