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Welcome to LKL V3

LKL v3

I’ve finally taken the plunge and moved over to a two-sidebar theme – the way Scott Wallick, its designer, intended it to be used.

A number of drivers behind the move:

  • A typically male thing of always wanting the latest version of everything – and Scott has based all the coding for this theme on the Sandbox theme (used by the Marmot, among others)
  • I wanted to get rid of some of the clutter in my header, particularly the links to the introductory pages. I wrote those pages over 18 months ago and at the time represented just about everything I knew. Things have moved on since then. And people were clicking on the page links, finding nothing had changed since their last visit, and going away disappointed, wondering what I was doing all day. The pages are still useful, but in a “start here” sort of way. So the links are now in the sidebar, under “Introductory Info”.
  • The category list is getting so long that I need two sidebars to cope with all the stuff. I’m still experimenting with the collapsing categories widget (it doesn’t work terribly well for me) and with Suckerfish pop-out / drop-down menus (and cursing Internet Explorer more and more), but even if I get either of these solutions to work I still need the space.
  • People laugh at me when I tell them about the poor monetisation statistics for this blog. So you’ll see a few more ads tucked away in the sidebar.

I’ve tried to replicate as much of the old LKL stuff as I could remember, but inevitably in the transition I might have missed a few things. I almost forgot to set up a contact form for the new site, for example. So this is still work in progress (as most blog themes are), but please let me know if you notice any bugs.

To go with the new format, I’ve launched a new page of RSS feeds, the DPRK BlogWatch. Enjoy.

LKL v1LKL version 1

LKL v2LKL version 2

2 thoughts on “Welcome to LKL V3

  1. Thanks Kangmi
    I’m not going to let these drop-down menus defeat me. My aim is to reduce the links in the header still further, somehow rationalising the BlogWatch links. Once I’ve cracked the drop-downs / pop-outs, nothing will stop me. You’ll see a proliferation of categories and tags. Click on ‘Celebs’ and one day you’ll see a list of all the celebs I’ve posted about for you to choose from. (Get all my Lee Sabi posts on one page, if such is your desire). I’ll do something similar for Artists, Directors and suchlike. If I do it without popouts my sidebar will be 10 feet long.
    WordPress at the moment supports a very basic drop-down menu for the sidebar, but it’s so ugly I’m reluctant to use it. I’m teaching myself css and php as I go, so things are very slow, and progress is via trial and error (with rather too much of the latter)

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