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Special Fringe Korea Day, 21 August

Binari - Dulsori

A press release from Kore@fringe

KAMS is also delighted to announce: Fringe Korea Day
21 August, Assembly Hall, 11am-1pm

In association with the Fringe Office and Korean Cultural Centre, UK, this event will present live showcases from the six productions that make up Korea@Fringe, followed by film footage of other Korean shows that are part of the Fringe this year, to present to international programmers and media.

KAMS is a branch organisation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Korea, which was established in 2006. The 2007 Edinburgh Fringe Participants Support Programme – also known as Korea@Fringe – was launched earlier this year under the joint auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Seoul Metropolitan Government who share a common objective to raise the international profile of Korean Arts. KAMS’ mission is to support Korean performing arts and develop more effective arts management in Korea by providing its artists with multifaceted assistance for international exchange, human resources training as well as research and consultancy.

The International Exchange Team at KAMS promotes Korean performing arts in overseas markets and support Korean arts groups to develop international tours and promotions, as well as hosting the Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) every October. Korea@Fringe is one of KAMS’ many international projects to support Korean artists participating in international festivals.

The Fringe is in full swing, and some of the Korean shows are getting some rave reviews. As usual, Dulsori is getting full marks for their energetic performances, but browse the Edinburgh Fringe website for the reviews of the other performances. Puppet sounds interesting, for example. Links are provided in my posts here and here.

And if there are any LKL readers in Edinburgh right now, I look forward to receiving your reviews!

(Thanks to Colin B for alerting me to the Korea Day)

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