The great category explosion and other statistics

Expanding our navigability

Number of article categories at the end of July: 91;
Number of article categories at the end of August: 212

I’ve increased the number of categories to make it easier to find all my posts about particular individuals without using the sometimes unreliable search function. There’s about 30 celebs, 20 film directors, 35 artists, 10 bands and 5 companies which have contributed to this explosion.

I’ve been progressively adding these new tags / categories to existing posts, while preventing them from making my sidebar extend down to the floor by suppressing the category groups from the automatic category listing function in the sidebar. When I finally crack the dropdown menu challenges you’ll be able to navigate direct to the celeb of your choice direct from the sidebar or header menu.

Cutting down spam

Spam comments received in July: 30,000;
Spam comments received in August: NIL.

Amazing what the deletion of a simple file (wp-trackback.php) will do. Instead, I’m now getting one or two spam emails via the contact form, so I’ll be looking at putting a captcha on that. That will give me the impetus to move from an external supplier of my contact form ( to a WordPress plugin.

The ongoing building project

Quite apart from the above, August was a busy month for design work on the site, with the upgrade to LKL v3.0 two-column, the appearance of some slightly less apologetic advertisements (including, for the first time, some YesAsia ads on some of my film and music pages, and the embedding of ads in some of my more populist articles), and the trialling of LKLv3.1 with enhanced menus. The trial has had to be suspended for the moment as it was slowing things down with the result that my webhost kept taking me offline for hogging too many resources. Which means that after only six happy months at Bluehost I’m already thinking of moving on.

Nagging away at the back of my mind is the need to make the sidebars more content-dependent (for example an Amazon search box appearing whenever you’re browsing a books page), but I think that little enhancement is a while off yet as I can think of plenty of ways of coding it, none of them elegant (and there’s enough ugly code I’ve added to this site already). All this, as you might have guessed, is with the aim of boosting advertising revenue to cover my costs. While I’m just about to receive my first cheque from Google, that 100 bucks represents one year’s worth of revenues. And when I’ve just blown more than that on the software enabling those dropdown menus, you can see that this site isn’t going to break even any time soon.

Who’s reading what

Readership trendlines have now levelled off, as you can see from the statistics at the bottom of the page.

What are people reading? There were at least 11,000 views of the article about Rowan Pease’s talk on the hallyu in China, three times as many as people who viewed Rain’s belly button (3,860).

Gratifyingly, Koreans in London was the most popular category browsed (4,434 times), second only to hallyu (4,821 — boosted by the popularity of the Pease talk). I’m conscious I need to do more on that category given the name of this site, and I have one or two more articles in the pipeline there, but I’m still looking for a New Malden correspondent.

Other surprisingly popular categories were business (2,087) and reviews of books on the DPRK (1,020 — presumably boosted by the category’s having featured in the “Hot Links” section of the header in conjunction with the big DPRK art exhibition).

Less surprising are Celebs (4,100) TV drama (2,395, and yes, I know my coverage is pathetic, and I’m looking for volunteers to boost this) and food (974).

And while on the subject of looking for volunteers, is anyone available to cover the Thames Festival this coming weekend?

2 thoughts on “The great category explosion and other statistics

  1. After recent drams covering hospitals and Incheon Airport, my colleagus have informed that a drama has just started covering the glamourous world of accountants….

  2. Cue double entendres such as “let me audit your assets”.
    But wasn’t there a glamorous accountant in Brookside once? Not that I ever watched it.

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