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19 thoughts on “Bi / Rain and his six-pack

  1. I want to know much more about RAIN…How can I contact with him..?I like him cause his face same with some aoter guys that I like..I hope some day I will meet RAIN…

  2. i Love Rain so much!! im from Philippines,im his avid fan!! hope to see him soon!! Rain can I have your no.?? or e-mail address??

  3. hi bi rain,,

    im the one of yours fan!!!!
    not really fan but its admirer…
    i lov u sow much!!!
    i hve a crush on you!!!

  4. ooh, i just looove bi rain. im from the philippines, and even though im not korean, i am a really big fan of him. i really really want to meet him in person!!

  5. i like rain coz i like the way he dance.. and i like them so much and the way he act… i hope that someday i will meet him…

  6. hi rain.. well i m daik i would like to have your contact in order to keep a programme or function or event in malaysa i need your contact me as soon as possible

  7. hi rain! i’m bi’s huge friends! (i think so). i’m vietnamese but i am so sorry that i couldn’t see his live show in viet nam. I really love him, love the way he dances, the way he sings and the way he moves his body. it’s wonder full. i want to make friends with all bi’s fans over the world!!!!!!!! I LOVE BI! SARANG HE O!

  8. Hi!
    Gyaaaa!! Of course I love him so!!

    Owh yeah I love everything about him,.
    his voice,.
    the way that he smiles,.♥
    his laugh,.
    I always feel happy when I hear his voice,.
    I guess i’m fallin’ in love wit him,..

    Um,.don’t read this comment,.
    it’s embarrasing me,.
    but I’m happy,.

    Love ang hug,.♥

    good singer/actor :]
    loveee full house~
    im a bigg fann ~
    i think hes sooooooo hawtttttt =D
    wish i cud meet him =[

  10. hi Bi Rain , I don’t know that you will read my comment or not but I really want to say to you that whatever you do and whoever you love , I will always be your fan and beside you . ^_^
    aja aja fighting !!!

  11. Ich bin aus Deutschland und liebe seine Musik. Es ist sehr schade, dass ich ihn noch nie live gesehen habe.
    Aber ich bin froh, wenn die Menschen, die in seinem Land wohnen, alles von ihm ins Internet stellen, sodass die Leute ihn ebenfalls sehen können.
    Schade ist es nur, dass die wenigsten koreanisch verstehen (mich eingeschlossen). Deshalb bin ich froh, wenn es Menschen gibt, die mir das ins englische übersetzen.
    Er macht sehr gute Musik und ich bin immer wieder froh, etwas von ihm zu hören.
    Ich glaube, ich werde mein Leben lang sein Fan sein und stehe immer hinter ihm.
    Grüße aus Deutschland von Yvonne

    For tranlation you should take a translation programm. =^.^=

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