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Celebs, Pit bulls and hairdos

As is customary at this time of year, I’ve been looking at the readership statistics. And, in general, the results are remarkably similar to last year. Yes, it’s the same old celebrities which generate the traffic. For those who know what they’re looking for it’s Super Junior which is the sure winner, while for those … [Read More]

Suju confirmed as LKL’s top drawer

I’ve been trawling the 2007 website statistics for interesting trends. Search terms, popular pages and the like. I wish I had something earth-shattering to report, but the trends in terms of readers’ interests stay pretty consistent. The thing I notice on a daily basis is that the same old (and I mean old) posts keep … [Read More]

September statistics

Popular posts and search terms Joining the list of popular search terms such as Super Junior and Rain is an unlikely new celebrity: disgraced curator and art lecturer Shin Jeong-ah. For a while last month my collection of links on her story even overtook anything to do with those 12 or 13 cute K-popsters. Even … [Read More]

The great category explosion and other statistics

Expanding our navigability Number of article categories at the end of July: 91; Number of article categories at the end of August: 212 I’ve increased the number of categories to make it easier to find all my posts about particular individuals without using the sometimes unreliable search function. There’s about 30 celebs, 20 film directors, … [Read More]

July statistics and site updates

Traffic Not much changes month on month now. Whatever set of statistics you look at, my growth period seems to have come to an end. Just as well given the problem reported last month regarding my using too much CPU. The site isn’t taken offline quite so frequently any more, but maybe that’s just because … [Read More]

June statistics

After a couple of months of strong growth the statistics are now levelling off a bit. Maybe it’s because I haven’t done a post about Super Junior recently, maybe it’s because my site is taken offline for a cooling off period when there’s too much traffic and so people are giving up visiting; maybe it’s … [Read More]

Statistics for May

Here’s the usual monthly post on traffic volumes and other miscellaneous site updates. For the first time this month I’ve started including the statistics provided by Webalizer as well as those provided by Awstats. Webalizer, as I said a month or so ago, gives readership at least 20% higher than Awstats, and therefore those will … [Read More]

April Statistics

Search terms The natural order of things was restored in April, with Lee Sabi back as easily the most popular search term. BoA’s Nike contract is slipping down the rankings. Rain and Baek Ji-young are number two and three. In March the wildcard search term was the Monochrome Movement. This month it seems that a … [Read More]

March statistics

The Move Another objective for the year ticked off: March saw the successful move from EasySpace to Bluehost. No thanks to They came recommended by Bluehost as people who could help move your stuff over. I thought it would be a nice insurance policy to have some outside help in case anything went wrong, … [Read More]

February statistics

As I suspected, I was peaking too soon in January. Three consecutive days of 1,000+ visits earlier in the month have now tailed off to a more sustainable 800-900 per day. What drives the visits I don’t know, but I suspect that there may be an element of rubber-necking at internet roadkill: another three consecutive … [Read More]

January statistics

It’s the end of January and I’ve already hit some of my objectives for the year. From here the only way is down. So what happened in January? A link from the Marmot, firstly in a post following that Korea Times piece, and now I’ve made it into his blogroll. Visitor numbers were looking good … [Read More]

A date with Rain? I’d rather have my hair done

“Sorry, I’m washing my hair that night” is the familiar put-down you get when the girl of your dreams doesn’t fancy a date with you. But it’s also true of LKL visitors. They’re much more interested in finding the best Korean hairdressers in London, or reading about the techniques involved in a “Magic Straight” perm, … [Read More]

November site statistics

Another brief round-up of site traffic, more for my own interest than anything else. Traffic The big news of November was the TV slot on YTN, a 24 hour news channel in Korea. I’m guessing that the news story started screening on 20 November, because that’s when my number of visitors jumped from around 500 … [Read More]

September site statistics

A brief round-up of site traffic, more for my own interest than anything else Popular searches As predicted, all I have to do to improve my hit rate is to have a post on Lee Sabi. She’s the top search phrase which results in people coming up with my site. 59 visits in September. However, … [Read More]

July site statistics update

I thought I’d summarise some of my blog statistics for July. My main source of hits was, as ever, google. What would we do without it? Thanks, though, to Alice, Max, Jenny, Aidan and Jase for voluntarily providing links to me. The hit rate is as follows: Alice 33 Max 18 Jenny 5 Aidan 4 … [Read More]