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April Statistics

Search terms

The natural order of things was restored in April, with Lee Sabi back as easily the most popular search term. BoA’s Nike contract is slipping down the rankings. Rain and Baek Ji-young are number two and three.

In March the wildcard search term was the Monochrome Movement. This month it seems that a teacher somewhere has set his students to write an essay on the story of Blind Man Shim and his filial daughter – the pansori tale which features so prominently in Im Kwon-taek’s Sopyonje. At one point this month the Shimchong-ga was even more popular than Lee Sabi. I hope that visitors went off and bought this book, which is well worth a read.

Cheju-do’s Love Land is still a popular topic. I got an interesting link from an Italian adult blog. You can follow the link from the trackback comment left under my Love Land post. Check out their post on 24 April for some creative origami. Not work safe.


Loads of lazy people were hotlinking to my still of a sleeping Song Kang-ho from the Host. As threatened last month, I did a minor tweak to the names of my jpgs, which resulted in this little image showing on their film blogs:

Lee Sabi says...

One hotlinker got the message and decided to hotlink to another site instead. Others maybe haven’t noticed yet. I’m still researching how to overcome the “endless loop” problem with redirects on an apache server. Or whatever it was that was causing my site to blow up when I implemented a hotlink block.

Visitor numbers

I set myself a tentative target of 1,000 visitors a day this year and somehow I seem to have exceeded it by 100% already. Mainly due, I think, to my picture of Rain. If only I could do the same for something that pays me (the advert

The usual graphs are below.

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