Lee Eon-jeong

I’ve noticed that every six months or so, a 3-year old article in the Chosun gets into the list of the Chosun’s top five most-read stories. And that article has been in the ascendant this last week or so. The article in question is the one which started off as an innocent enough piece about […]


April Statistics

by Philip Gowman 8 May 2007

Search terms The natural order of things was restored in April, with Lee Sabi back as easily the most popular search term. BoA’s Nike contract is slipping down the rankings. Rain and Baek Ji-young are number two and three. In March the wildcard search term was the Monochrome Movement. This month it seems that a […]

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March statistics

by Philip Gowman 10 April 2007

The Move Another objective for the year ticked off: March saw the successful move from EasySpace to Bluehost. No thanks to EZsitemove.com. They came recommended by Bluehost as people who could help move your stuff over. I thought it would be a nice insurance policy to have some outside help in case anything went wrong, […]

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January statistics

by Philip Gowman 4 February 2007

It’s the end of January and I’ve already hit some of my objectives for the year. From here the only way is down. So what happened in January? A link from the Marmot, firstly in a post following that Korea Times piece, and now I’ve made it into his blogroll. Visitor numbers were looking good […]

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More 2006 statistics: theme parks and military thighs

by Philip Gowman 10 January 2007

First, some boring stuff December was a record month for advertising revenue: the princely sum of $11.17, making my life-to-date total $24.32. But if it stays at December’s levels I’ll be happy: that more than pays for webhosting. And something I get lots of, and wish I got less: my life-to-date spam comment count (as […]

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A date with Rain? I’d rather have my hair done

by Philip Gowman 7 January 2007

“Sorry, I’m washing my hair that night” is the familiar put-down you get when the girl of your dreams doesn’t fancy a date with you. But it’s also true of LKL visitors. They’re much more interested in finding the best Korean hairdressers in London, or reading about the techniques involved in a “Magic Straight” perm, […]

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Of Ostriches and Royal Warrants

by Philip Gowman 18 December 2006
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Why is it newsworthy to call someone an ostrich? The obvious answer, particularly when the person who’s being called an ostrich agrees, is that it isn’t. But when it’s heart-throb Jung Woo Sung calling TV soap princess Kim Tae-hee an ostrich, it’s an excuse to publish their photos and mention their upcoming film “Joongchun” or […]

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