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January statistics

It’s the end of January and I’ve already hit some of my objectives for the year. From here the only way is down.

So what happened in January?

  • A link from the Marmot, firstly in a post following that Korea Times piece, and now I’ve made it into his blogroll.
  • Visitor numbers were looking good following the interest over my LKL Awards post, occasionally hitting the high 900s per day. They then tailed off. Then suddenly, 1,024 visits on 24 January, coinciding with the first post by —
  • a new occasional contributor (another objective for the year), Peter Corbishley. What caused the visitor spike? Maybe it was Peter’s account of the Korean Business Reception hosted by Red Ken; maybe it was a swarm of Iranian hackers trying to re-hack my site following my initial first-aid attempt; maybe it was armies of Thai counter-hackers mobilised by my webhost. A slim possibility:
  • maybe my posts from Seoul were beginning to attract traffic, because another objective met was a quick visit which I tacked on to the end of a work trip.

I’ve now rectified the hacker damage, only to be hacked again. Learning all the time.

Traffic report

The Marmot leads the way in terms of referrals: 422 visits from his site; the Korea Times accounted for a mere 132, but there seem to be folks over at Naver who are reading me, which is very flattering. because I got 224 visits from their forums this month. And I’ve definitely fallen out of favour over at IKATV. They’ve stopped linking to me and traffic has dried up.

Search terms

Nothing to add to my year end report. Lee Eon-jeong continues to reign supreme (though of course people are googling her other name, Lee Sabi). I’m soon going to run out of pictures of her to post. Meanwhile:

Lee Eon-jeong

But Baek Ji-young is catching up.

Spam count and ad revenues

I’m now up to 36,400 spam comments: another 2,400 since my year end report. Since Akismet was being overwhelmed by it all I installed Bad Behaviour and Spam Karma and now my inbox is a lot quieter. They messed up my footer for a while so that my pages wouldn’t load, but I’ve now fixed that.

Ad revenues? Total life-to-date $32.03. Wow. $7.71 in January.

And now the graphs

Visits to January 2007
Visits to January 2007
Pages views to January
Pages views to January
Hits to January 2007
Hits to January 2007

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