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Kim Young-na: Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea

ModernKim Young-na: Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea
(Hollym, 2005)

A brief but action-packed overview of twentieth century Korean art history, which can be read alongside Kim’s other book covering the same period, published by Lawrence King. While her Lawrence King book is a collection of essays focusing on particular subject areas, the Hollym book has a linear narrative which leads you through the key movements and trends.

Despite being shorter than her other book this one is more balanced and has more detail on on one or two areas, for example minjung art and the art of the last 15 years.

Well illustrated and well-written, this book is available free to any enterprising Seoulite who rings the lost property office for subway line 3. They should have my copy, which I left on a southbound train at Jongno 3-ga at around 11:30pm on 20 January. I now have a replacement copy, so feel free to impersonate me and claim the one I left behind. First come, first served.

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