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March statistics

The Move

Another objective for the year ticked off: March saw the successful move from EasySpace to Bluehost. No thanks to They came recommended by Bluehost as people who could help move your stuff over. I thought it would be a nice insurance policy to have some outside help in case anything went wrong, but it was a big mistake. If you want the full gory details, email me, but briefly stated, I did all the work and they did nothing, and they refused to answer my support calls. And they charged me the move fee even though they hadn’t sorted out the final bug which I had reported to them. So if you’re moving websites, don’t use

Still, thus far I’m very happy over at Bluehost.


Lee Eon-jeongWell, I tried. I managed to block hotlinks for a few days, until my .htaccess coding blew up my site. It was worth the try. I’m going to try again, but just for a bit of fun this time I might try to redirect the hotlink to a nice picture of Lee Eon-jeong (right). Yes, I know that will still result in my bandwidth being stolen but right now I’ve got loads to spare. It’s the principle of the thing that matters.

Favourite images which result in my bandwidth being stolen are, of course, Rain’s six-pack (popular just about everywhere in South-East Asia), plus Lee Young-ae (popular in the Middle East), and a sleeping Song Kang-ho from the Host (popular among film bloggers particularly in Southern Europe).

Somehow I mind less about my bandwidth being stolen by Rain and Lee Young-ae fans. Film bloggers though, holding themselves out as semi-serious people, should know better.

So until I work out how to block hotlinks more elegantly, I might do a little tactical fix and rename my picture of Song Kang-ho, and put in its place something a bit surprising.

Comment of the month

I want to rub his tummy

You don’t need to click on the link to know who’s tummy they were talking about.

Search terms

BoA’s Nike contract is one of the most popular search terms, but still Lee Sabi (Lee Eon-jeong – above) is retaining her position in the top two or three. The new flavour of the month is Cheju Love Land theme park (I hear rumours of an upcoming feature in an Antipodean Lad’s mag). Baek Ji-young and Rain complete the top five. What’s nice is that people are finding this site searching for resources on the visual arts. The Monochrome Movement is a surprise entrant in the top ten search terms.

Switch to Webalizer and get 20% more visitors

I really don’t understand the various statistics which come with webhosting packages. My old webhost provided awstats, my new one provides both awstats and webalizer. Comparing the two, Webalizer gives about 20% more traffic. So I’ll stick with awstats for consistency with my old host, and because they give the more prudent picture. Shame I forgot to take a dump of the awstats for the first few days of March at my old site. They’ve now vanished, so the trendlines below have an hiatus of about 8 days.

What I don’t really understand is the increase in traffic this month. The Hong Sang-soo blogathon created no traffic at all — a whopping 20 visits (I guess no-one’s terribly interested in Korea’s awardwinning director). But there were 3,544 views of Rain’s six-pack.

So, finally, the graphs:

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