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September site statistics

A brief round-up of site traffic, more for my own interest than anything else

Popular searches

As predicted, all I have to do to improve my hit rate is to have a post on Lee Sabi. She’s the top search phrase which results in people coming up with my site. 59 visits in September. However, in you aggregate the various combinations of “London” “Korean” and “Festival”, that’s the most popular search. Other celebs people are googling are Baek Ji-young (18 visits), and Lee Hyori. And maybe I’m missing a market opportunity as an adult introduction service: 5 visits to my site resulted from the query “Korean guys in London”. Sorry to disappoint you. Maybe the title of this site could be construed as a bit misleading…

Popular articles

For the most popular articles, it’s difficult to distinguish between spam-reads and genuine reads. Bada and the Birthrate (631 views in September), being no longer particularly topical, is probably the former, while the events pages are the most frequently viewed by what I assume are real people (619 views between them). The next most popular post is something relating to January 2004 on Lee Sabi (116 views) and the news of the recent Korean film festival (111 views). Otherwise, K-pop, celebs and film are the most popular categories, though people are also strangely drawn to the recently-introduced Anglo-Korean Society category.


I’m not going to be able to retire on my Google Adsense earnings any time soon. Average earnings for September were a princely 8 cents per day. It’s gradually climbing though. July, when I first installed those discrete (maybe too discrete) ads, I was averaging 1 cent per day. Given that Google only sends a cheque when earnings reach $100 I’m not counting on a Christmas bonus. My total accrued revenue to date is $4.20. So keep clicking guys.

Referring sites and overall traffic is now no longer sending people my way, which is fine. I could never understand why they were doing it to start with. But as IKATV is ramping up its readership I’m getting an increasing number of referrals from there. So a big Welcome to Korean-Americans from the San Francisco bay area.

Blatant self-publicity over at as ever is producing visitors, while a steady stream come and take a look from Alice Bennell’s campaign site to get Dae Jang Geum shown on the BBC, and from Jase’s impressively expanding All of which means that my daily traffic is gradually inching up. Since I last published the statistics at the end of July, I reckon I’m up about 50%. Some graphs are set out below.

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