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K-film blockbuster season on Film 4

Film 4 logoI happened to channel-surf over to Film 4 as I switched off the TV last night, to discover they were midway through a Lady Vengeance screening.

Checking on their website, the schedule is as follows:

  • Lady Vengeance. Last night, 22:50
  • Oldboy tonight 23:05
  • Tale of Two Sisters Saturday 7th 22:45
  • R-Point Sunday 8th 23:35
  • Taegugki Monday 9th 22:45
  • Tell me Something Tuesday 10th 22:50
  • Oldboy again Thursday 12th 23:35

All for free. Enjoy. Check out their website here. Unfortunately the site isn’t all that intuitive, but I think I got the timings right above.

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