Kim Jee-woon’s Age of Shadows gets UK release

The official UK release date for Kim Jee-woon’s colonial era spy thriller is 24 March. The Age of Shadows, released in the UK by Soda Pictures, opened last year’s London East Asia Film Festival. At the time of writing no London screenings have been announced, but the movie will be screened in Sheffield, and earlier previews are […]

Kim Ji-woon is March’s featured director

For March, the programme of screenings is expanded: two at the KCCUK and one at SOAS. Tale of Two Sisters is a classic, and Foul King is a guilty pleasure. For me though, Takashi Miike’s remake of Quiet Family, the deliriously madcap Happiness of the Katakuris, is unusual in being an improvement on the original. […]

K-film at the BFI London Film Fest: Doomsday Book is really not worth the effort

Doomsday Book, the first of six Korean films to screen at the 56th BFI London Film Festival is a set of three short films based loosely on a science fiction theme. The two outer segments, gentle comedies directed by Im Pil-seong (임필성), sandwich a semi-serious but nevertheless meagre filling by Kim Ji-woon entitled Heavenly Creature […]

LKL’s top 10 K-films of the noughties

Mark Russell led the way with his fascinating list of films of the decade – in which the biggest shock was that there was no Park Chan-wook. GI Korea also has a list, which redresses the balance somewhat. So here is mine. Over the years I’ve been reasonably diligent in giving marks out of 10 […]

A Scoop of Korea at Thames Festival 2009

As Chuseok approaches, it’s time once again for the Thames Festival: 12-13 September. This will be the third year that there has been a significant Korean presence. The amazing Dulsori led the way three years ago; last year the high-profile item was Jump. This year we get the musical essence of contemporary Korea, Sorea: a […]