Tale of Two Sisters at the KCC

This week’s screening at the KCC is Kim Ji-woon’s (김지운) stylish suspense / horror flick Tale of Two Sisters (2003). (7 August, 7pm) Kim’s filmography is varied and of a high quality. He started with comedy – the macabre Quiet Family (1998) and the hugely fun Foul King (2000), and now seems to be in […]

K-film blockbuster season on Film 4

I happened to channel-surf over to Film 4 as I switched off the TV last night, to discover they were midway through a Lady Vengeance screening. Checking on their website, the schedule is as follows: Lady Vengeance. Last night, 22:50 Oldboy tonight 23:05 Tale of Two Sisters Saturday 7th 22:45 R-Point Sunday 8th 23:35 Taegugki […]