Kim Ji-woon in London: bigger, faster

Friday night’s screening of The Good the Bad and the Weird (좋은 놈, 나쁜 놈, 이상한 놈, hereafter Nom Nom Nom) was followed by a screen talk with director Kim Ji-woon and actor Lee Byung-hun, chaired by Tony Rayns. Lee Byung-hun was late for the chat, either tied up with promotional activities for his upcoming […]

Stars launch Korean Film Festival

In what must be the biggest-budget launch of the KCC’s third London Korean Film Festival, director Kim Ji-woon and actor Lee Byung-hun were brought to London to introduce the flagship film of the festival, The Good the Bad and the Weird. Tony Rayns, the UK’s most established Korean film expert, was also there to celebrate. […]

The London Korean Film Festival 2008

The programme for the 2008 London Korean Film Festival has been announced. A great line-up with something for everyone. From the latest releases, there’s the biggest film of 2008 (The Good, the Bad and the Weird), plus one or two I’d forgotten about, but which with a bit of thought are obvious choices: last year’s […]

Tale of Two Sisters screens at the KCC

This week’s screening at the KCC is Kim Ji-woon’s (김지운) stylish suspense / horror flick Tale of Two Sisters (2003). (7 August, 7pm) Kim’s filmography is varied and of a high quality. He started with comedy – the macabre Quiet Family (1998) and the hugely fun Foul King (2000), and now seems to be in […]

K-film blockbuster season on Film 4

I happened to channel-surf over to Film 4 as I switched off the TV last night, to discover they were midway through a Lady Vengeance screening. Checking on their website, the schedule is as follows: Lady Vengeance. Last night, 22:50 Oldboy tonight 23:05 Tale of Two Sisters Saturday 7th 22:45 R-Point Sunday 8th 23:35 Taegugki […]