London Korean Film Festival 2010

The London Korean Film Festival returns at its regular early November slot. With the Barbican cinemas out of action this year’s festival is a bit of a logistical nightmare, with screenings at the ICA, Odeon West End and the Apollo, but there’s more than enough film interest to compensate. One of the highlights of the festival is Im Sang-soo’s Housemaid remake. Director Im will be there to answer questions, and if the Q&A gets to be anywhere near as interesting as his last visit to London (transcript of his Q&A is here) it will be a good evening.

There’s less classic film this year, but we have a valuable retrospective of Jang Jin’s work. Again, Jang Jin will be there to answer questions. In fact, the organisers have pulled out all the stops in bringing over loads of directors for Q&A sessions this year. I heard a little rumour that originally an A-list actress was going to be booked for one of the gala screenings. But she said she wouldn’t travel anywhere without an army of flunkies. So the travel budget has wisely been spent on the directors instead.

The schedule below I think is now the final one. An earlier version of this post was incomplete because it did not have the benefit of the final LKFF press release.

5 Nov18:30Odeon WELee Jeong-beomThe Man From Nowhere (+ director Q&A)
6 Nov18:00ApolloKim Ji-woonI Saw the Devil (+ director Q&A)
8 Nov18:00ApolloJang JinGuns & Talks (+ director Q&A)
8 Nov20:45ApolloJang JinGood Morning Mr President (+ director introduction)
9 Nov18:00ApolloJang JinSomeone Special (+ director Q&A)
9 Nov20:45ApolloJang JinMurder Take One (+ director introduction)
10 Nov18:15ICAKang Dae-gyuHarmonyBook
10 Nov19:30ICAVariousMise-en-scène Short films 1Book
10 Nov20:45ICAKim Dae-wooThe ServantBook
11 Nov19:00ICAKorean Cinema Talk with Tony Rayns & OthersBook
11 Nov19:30ICAVariousMise-en-scène Short films 2Book
11 Nov20:45ICAJang Cheol-sooBedevilledBook
12 Nov18:15ICAJang HunSecret ReunionBook
12 Nov20:45ICALee Jung-hoBestsellerBook
13 Nov13:00ICAAn Jae-Hoon / Han Hye-JinGreen Days (+ Q&A with directors)Book
13 Nov16:00ICAYi Sang-wooA Little PondBook
13 Nov17:00ICAKang Min-Ji and othersKorean Short AnimationsBook
13 Nov18:00ICAPark Chan-okPajuBook
13 Nov20:30ICAKang Woo-sukMossBook
14 Nov13:30ICAJohn H Lee71 Into the FireBook
14 Nov16:00ICALee Joon-ikBlades of BloodBook
14 Nov18:30ICAIm Sang-sooThe Housemaid (+ Q&A with director)Book

Enjoy the shows.

(automatically generated) Read LKL’s review of this event here.

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