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Simply Korean at the Language Show

The Korean Cultural Centre UK with ‘Simply Korean’ is participating in ‘The Language Show 2010’ at Earls Court from 15th – 17th October (15th and 16th 10am – 6pm, 17th 10am – 5pm) to promote ‘Hangeul’, the Korean alphabet.

The Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK)’s ‘Simply Korean’ will promote various aspects of the Korean language, including its history and formation, as well as providing the visitors with the opportunity to experience and interact with the Korean alphabet.

People who would like to try new languages, improve their linguistic skills or are keen to inspire their teaching methods will very much enjoy the Language Show 2010. The KCCUK with ‘Simply Korean’ will demonstrate Hangeul, revealing how this language is arguably the easiest alphabet, one that can be learnt in a day or even a few hours. Unlike other Asian languages, Korean has a scientific simplicity which means that it is easy to master.

The ‘Simply Korean’ experience will also include a variety of events, such as “Write your name in Korean.” There will also be smart phones made by Samsung which show how Hangeul is implemented in the digital world. A sample of Korean language teaching materials will also be on display.

A variety of clips will be shown for the duration of ‘Simply Korean’ at ‘The Language Show’, including the documentary made by the Korea Broadcasting System, “We use Hangeul” – which details the journey of Indonesia’s Cia Cia Tribe as they begin to use the Korean alphabet as their script. Information on the King Sejong Literacy Prize – awarded to those who have contributed to the battle against illiteracy – as well as the science of Hangeul, will be available at the show. Visitors will also have access to information on employment opportunities in Korea and Korean language certificates, such as EPIK (English Program in Korea) and TOPIK (Test of Proficiency Korean).

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  1. EJ Shin: We are very popular there. Even the organisers come round all the time, asking me where to eat Korean food, filming our stand for their promotional videos etc.

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