LKFF Festival Bites: Film Students are Softies

We’d just seen Jang Jin’s contribution to the Human Rights Watch short film collection If You Were Me 2: Someone Grateful (고마운 사람). In it, a student demonstrator is befriended by his police interrogator in the KCIA’s underground torture chambers in the 1980s. It’s a provocative short, because instead of railing against police brutality and […]

Mysterious Creature: Jang Jin at the London Korean Film Festival

Director Jang Jin is sometimes referred to as “The Future of Korean Cinema” but also as a “Mysterious Creature”. Nyomi Anderson tells us more. This year’s London Korean Film Festival featured a retrospective of the films of writer-director Jang Jin. Jang began his career in theatre before making his first film was The Happenings, which […]

Jang Jin and performers’ fees

Just for once, at the Q&A with Jang Jin tonight, I DIDN'T ask any question about the screen quota. It was an effort though. #. Instead, I asked him about actors fees, which for a significant portion of a film’s budget. But in the news today, it seems film actors aren't the only performers with […]