Nom Nom Nom gets DVD release

by Philip Gowman on 20 February, 2009 updated 19 November, 2017

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nomnomnomKim Ji-woon’s western is finally getting a Region 3 release. A first press limited edition hits the websites on March 11, with not only the international cut (at 129 minutes) but the Korean theatrical cut as well – which comes in at 6 minutes longer.

One of the differences between the versions is the greater time spent with the anti-Japanese resistance movement, which gives the film more historical grounding (which perhaps was deemed to be superfluous for the international audience who were just fed with the madcap caper material).

More details of the differences are available over at Wildgrounds (beware spoilers if you haven’t seen the film yet).

Both versions come with commentaries, which (I’m guessing) are unsubtitled. Hopefully that will be remedied when this gets a Region 2 release.



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