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Uninvited and unwanted? Hollywood’s Two Sisters remake

the_uninvited_movie_poster_onesheetThe latest remake to come out of Hollywood, The Uninvited, opens in the UK this week.

There’s a school of thought which says that once you’ve seen the original you won’t want to bother with the remake. There’s another which says any remake is good if it makes you want to watch the original.

But you’re only going to watch the original if the remake is half decent. For example, I loved Takashi Miike’s remake of Kim Ji-woon’s The Quiet FamilyThe Happiness of the Katakuris. In fact, it introduced me to the work of Kim Ji-woon in the first place. And I have to say that I found the over-the-top remake more fun than Kim’s original – after all, what’s not to like about The Sound of Music with zombies? Similarly, The Magnificent Seven and A Fistful of Dollars introduced me to Kurosawa.

Two SistersHad I seen Seven Samurai and Yojimbo first, would I have bothered with the remakes? Probably yes, because their reputation precedes them. But when it comes to the Guard brothers’ remake of Kim’s visually gorgeous horror flick Tale of Two Sisters I’ll be slightly more cautious. Kim himself was very diplomatic about this remake when he came to London last year, but the reviews have in general been ho-hum (the film had a US release in January).

There is of course a third, more hard-headed, school of thought about remakes: that anything that puts some cash into the coffers of the Korean movie industry should be supported. Here’s the official trailer to enable you to judge for yourselves.

The Uninvited, a remake of Tale of Two Sisters, opens in the UK on 24 April. If anyone feels like writing a comparative review, let me know. There’s a mystery gift as a reward.


3 thoughts on “Uninvited and unwanted? Hollywood’s Two Sisters remake

  1. I didn’t know this was a remake of A Tale Of Two Sisters, I thought it was a remake of Jeon Ji-hyun’s The Uninvited!! Now that’s confusing!!!

  2. Actually, having been to see it now, it’s not too bad, and somehow less confusing than the original (though that might be because I knew the denouement from the word go). However, the opening line – I love you, and I have a condom – leaves a little to be desired.

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