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Optimise your website. Lose readers. Gain revenue

A lot was going on in LKL during March. I’ve been setting up test blogs on my server; I’ve been testing new plugins; I’ve been exporting my database and reimporting it every which way. I’ve been playing with different versions of WordPress. All this in preparation for the move.

I also installed the All-in-one SEO pack.

Some time towards the end of the month I noticed:

  1. that my RSS feed was sick (I couldn’t get an RSS reader on the Korean Artists test blog to read it) and
  2. that my readership had halved in the space of two days.

I’m a bit hazy about the cause and effect between all these things going on. I don’t know whether a lot of my readers visit because of a feed they’re subscribing to. I certainly know that a lot of readers come via google, but whether the SEO pack had confused google for a while I don’t know either.

I was even more confused when I looked at my google adsense revenues for the month:


The highest ever.

Optimise your website. Lose readers. Gain revenue.

I find I’m always learning new things as I run this site. But I’m struggling to identify the lesson to be learned from this particular set of observations.

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