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New indie music sites

Those who keep an eye on my blogroll (I know that’s not very many of you) will have noticed that I recently added one or two new sites to my list of Music blog links.

Firstly, Indieful RoK, a new blog of news about the Korean indie rock scene. Its creators are Helikoppter, aka Anna Lindgren, a regular and valued LKL contributor from Sweden, and Orienkorean, from Toronto, curator of the massive collection of Korean music videos on YouTube. Still in its early days, the blog has been focusing on content rather than design, which is fine because content comes first. But Anna promises a cosmetic makeover of suitably Korean proportions, and soon the 200 Pound Beauty will morph into a finely sculpted Sassy Girl.

Next up is a new creation by Mark Russell of Korea Pop Wars: the Korea Gig Guide. It does what it says on the tin. It’s just what you need when you have a weekend in Seoul and want to listen to some live music but don’t have a clue where to look. I wish it had started up ages ago.

Another relatively new site is, which strays more broadly into Asian American music but which majors on Korea.

All the above sites are to be welcomed for introducing a grown-up forum for discussing and disseminating information about the Korean indie music scene.

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