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Welcome to The East

Hungry Brits frequenting central London restaurants for their periodic fix of bulgogi and kimchi will probably have noticed, on their way out, a pile or two of the local Korean-language newspapers. The two main newspapers, as far as I am aware, are the Korean Weekly and the Hanin Herald, though sometimes the UK Life, Eurojournal or Haninnews get a look-in.

If you have not already, you will soon be noticing another newspaper, this one published in English.

The East - The East Asian Monthly Business Newspaper

Congratulations to Lee Hyung Wook, publisher of The East newspaper, for getting this ambitious project off the ground. Currently it’s a monthly publication (it’s now in its fifth month). In its opening pages it focuses on business news of Asian companies (primarily Korean, Japanese and Chinese) operating in the UK. Further in, the coverage broadens out to include culture and travel. It also includes some local news. For example, in the March edition it features the launch of the Korean Artists Association UK. As the paper gets more established and circulation increases, the coverage may expand to include other areas.

Copies are available at numerous restaurants and embassies, and will also be available at the Korean Cultural Centre.

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