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Tiger Festival comes to London and Brighton

Three Korean films are coming to London and Brighton as part of the Tiger Far East Film Festival

(1) The controversial CGI monster pic D-War (Shim Hyung-rye, 심형래, 2007)

D-War still

Synopsis (from KOFIC): A thousand years ago, in a little village on the Korean peninsula, a child of destiny is born with a Youijoo (a magic stone that bestows omnipotence) in her bosom. To pursue the occult Youijoo, Imoogi comes to earth from Heaven with a tremendous number of followers and begins to launch attacks against the people of the earth. A thousand years later in downtown L.A., a mysterious natural disaster takes place. While reporting on the case, a CNN reporter, Tom, begins to sense the colossal legend behind the chain of events.

London (ICA): 31 May, 4pm
Brighton (Duke of York): Not showing

(2) The macabre musical Fox Family 구미호 가족 (Lee Hyeong-gon (이형곤), 2006)

Still from Fox Family

Synopsis (from KOFIC): The nine-tailed fox is a mythical shape-shifting creature which can become a human being in its 1000th year if it eats the liver of a human being. A family of such foxes open up a circus and transform themselves in the hope of capturing human beings. One day, there occurs a strange case of torso murder which becomes the biggest issue of their day, and the fox family is caught up in the middle of it. Will the family be able to make their thousand-year dream come true?

London (ICA): 5 June, 8:45pm
Brighton (Duke of York): 21 June, 1:30pm

(3) The black comical take on the assassination of Park Chung Hee President’s Last Bang 그때 그사람들 (Im Sang-soo (임상수) 2004)

Still from Presidents Last Bang

Synopsis (from KOFIC): In the 1970s Korea, a strong military goverment is suppressing the people. However, the president is always too busy having parties for no apparent reason and many political parties are looking for a chance to take over. Members of the KCIA(Korean Central Intelligence Agency) are slowly getting fed up with taking care of the president’s dalliances. They hatch a scheme to assassinate the president. After two bullets are fired, the country is about to take an unexpected turn.

Director Im will be present at the screening for a Q&A session.

London (ICA): 31 May, 8:30pm
Brighton (Duke of York): 13 June, 6:30pm

The selection of non-Korean films is also worth checking out.


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