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Homeless Penguins come to town

New Malden Festival flyer

The theme of this year’s New Malden Arts Festival is the quirky “Homeless Penguins Come to Town”. The homeless penguins parade through New Malden on 14 June is designed to raise awareness of their natural habitat being destroyed by global warming.

The festival itself runs from 2 – 22 June. Despite its location, and despite being organised by Theatre4All, a group of Korean arts management specialists, the festival is multicultural, not just Korean – though Korean artists can be expected, as last year.

There will be an open air jazz and b-boy event 14 June in the evening, and workshops throughout the festival.

In outline, the programme is as follows:

7 JUN Network Party with Short Performances at Barton Green Theatre
14 JUN Special Parade: ‘Homeless Penguins Come to Town’
14 JUN Evening Arts Performance
2 JUN – 22 JUN Exhibitions of Art – Paintings & Photographs
2 JUN – 22 JUN Theatre Performances at Barton Green Theatre
2 JUN – 22 JUN Educational Arts Workshops  

Further details will be forthcoming soon

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