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The experience of North Koreans in New Malden

A panel session about the experiences of North Korean defectors in New Malden is at first sight a strange event to promote as part of an arts festival. But the 7th New Malden Arts Festival overlaps with Malden Fortnight, a celebration of New Malden’s varied community, of which Koreans are of course a significant part. … [Read More]

The life of North Koreans in New Malden

As part of the 7th New Malden Arts Festival (19th July ~ 2 August 2014), Theatre4All are presenting an evening focusing on the lives of North Koreans in New Malden. Life of North Koreans in New Malden Malden Centre | Blagdon Road | New Malden | KT3 4TA Saturday 26 July 2014 7:30pm ~ 9:00pm … [Read More]

Oh Tae-seok’s Romeo and Juliet returns

Romeo and Juliet is coming to Kingston as part of the 4th New Malden Arts Festival. Presented by Mokwha Theatre Company, the most famous theatre company in South Korea, the performance is only UK date in 2010 of this mesmerising production which sold out at the Barbican in 2006. This highly stylised Romeo and Juliet … [Read More]

My Love DMZ comes to Kingston

“Love” and “DMZ” do not often appear together in the same sentence. But this is the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War, and there’s a special production as part of the New Malden Arts Festival on 20th July. And in a special deal, LKL readers will get free admission to the performance … [Read More]

Nanta: Catch it while you can

It’s impossible not to admire the hard-working, multi-talented Koreans who perform in the energetic shows like Breakout (2007), Jump (2002), and, the original, Nanta (1997), which is currently showing at the Rose Theatre. And it’s impossible not to be entertained. There’s probably little to say about Nanta which hasn’t already been said. The performers are … [Read More]

Yoon Bok-hee: a Korean Kitten in Kingston

“Aigoo!” grumbled veteran pop diva Yoon Bok-hee as she bent down to untangle a kink in the microphone cable. Her back didn’t seem to be giving her any problems though. She told us twice, to much applause, that she is now 63 years old, and very sprightly she is too. This was all part of … [Read More]

Nanta comes to the Rose Theatre

Readers who are familiar with Jump and Breakout will need no persuasion to come along to Nanta as part of the New Malden Festival. Koreans seem to specialise in high energy non-verbal performances with a wide international appeal, and Nanta is no exception. It won the top prize at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1999 … [Read More]

Yoon Bok-hee comes to Kingston

Koreans seem to keep some of their favourite stars well hidden from the West. Google singer Yoon Bok-hee in English, and you don’t find much. The Kpopwiki is able to provide a discography but no biography, while the occasional article in the Korea Times mention her only in passing: recently for performing the role of … [Read More]

3rd New Malden Arts Festival

Details of the 3rd New Malden Arts Festival, organised by Theatre For All. Date: 16 June 2009 ~ 11 July (4 weeks) Organised by: Theatre For All ( Supported by: Kingston Council, Korean Cultural Centre UK, ASIANA AIRLINES 16th June YOON BOK HEE OPENING GALA CONCERT 16th June – 27th June NANTA (Cookin’) – Rose … [Read More]

UK Korean Festivals 2009

For those wanting to plan ahead, here is a list of all potential Korean events in the UK in 2009 which have “Festival” in their title. I’ll update this obviously work-in-progress post as I get more information. Clearly, everything’s provisional until the organisers send out their official press release or put details up on their … [Read More]

Homeless Penguins come to town

The theme of this year’s New Malden Arts Festival is the quirky “Homeless Penguins Come to Town”. The homeless penguins parade through New Malden on 14 June is designed to raise awareness of their natural habitat being destroyed by global warming. The festival itself runs from 2 – 22 June. Despite its location, and despite … [Read More]

London Korean Festivals 2008

It’s only early March, and I’ve already noticed that people are googling for “London Korean Festivals” in 2008. So here is a list of all potential Korean events in the London area in 2008 which have “Festival” in their title. This is obviously a work-in-progress post; with luck it will, over time, answer all your … [Read More]

Mime at Barton Green

It was a cold and frosty evening in New Malden1. But inside the Barton Green Theatre it was warm and cosy. From the outside, the building looks like a cricket pavilion, but if so the green itself would not be large enough for a proper game. Inside it’s a small, welcoming community theatre, with slightly … [Read More]

2007 New Malden Arts Festival

I’ve just been sent brief details of the New Malden Arts festival which takes place over the next couple of weeks. Korean interest is in the form of mime artist Ko Jae-kyung (right). Also, Francesca Cho will have some works on display. 12 NOV – 17 NOV 2007 Art Exhibitions Venues: Tudor Williams, Café 32, … [Read More]