August events 2008

Suh Do-ho: Fallen Star
Suh Do-ho: Fallen Star – at the Hayward Gallery’s show Psycho Buildings

As usual, I’ll update this post as I hear more.


  • Cantilever Left continues at I-MYU until 9 August. There will be a different exhibition starting soon after.
  • Psycho Buildings continues at the Hayward Gallery until 25 August.
  • The U_Design City_Seoul exhibition continues at the KCC until 2 August, then is replaced by Vessels, an exhibition of contemporary Korean and British ceramics, from 12 August
  • Some of David Heather’s North Korean art collection makes its way to the Cooper Gallery in Barnsley, on display in an exhibition called Art for the State, from 23 August


  • The Edinburgh Fringe is in full swing, with lots of Korean physical theatre and other goodies. If any reader wishes to write in with reviews of any of the performances, do feel free.
  • There’s a one-off performance on 17 August showcasing a selection of the Korean talent. 11:00-12:30 at Rocket@Roxy Art House, 2 Roxborough Place, Edinburgh EH8 9SU (Venue 115)


  • Seven Days screens as part of the Asia House Festival of Asian Film at the Renoir in Brunswick Square on 23 August.
  • Korea’s surprise hit of the year, The Chaser, also screens on 23 August as part of Frightfest at Odeon West End in Leicester Square. The two screenings unfortunately overlap. Unless you’re desperate to see Chaser as soon as possible, go to see Seven Days, because the Chaser will get a theatrical release in September.
  • A Tale of Two Sisters screens at the KCC on 7 August, while Epitaph, another of those Korean spooky horror flicks, is on Friday 22 August (note the day).


  • The Suwon Civic Chorale performs in Lincoln Cathedral on Friday 22 August together with other top choirs such as the Orlando Consort. The Suwon choir will then come to Kingston and perform at All Saints Church on 24 August.


  • A linguistics conference will be held at SOAS, 7-9 August.
  • Lucien Brown, who’s leading the language classes at the KCC, will talk about Korean Honorifics: their form and usage on 19 August at the KCC
  • Don’t forget the BAKS conference in Cambridge next month.

Let me know of any omissions.

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