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Celebrate Chuseok with the Euro Journal

Celebrate Chuseok (추석), the Korean Mid-Autumn Festival.

Chuseok, also called Hangawi (한가위: meaning “great middle”), is one of the two main holidays in Korea (the other being New Year’s Day). It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar Korean calendar. It is to celebrate a good harvest, and Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns and share a feast of Korean traditional food with various traditional dance and music.

Jiphyun Ritual performance from KOTTI
Jiphyun Ritual performance from KOTTI

The EURO MEDIA GROUP (, which publishes the EURO JOURNAL (유로저널), a weekly Korean newspaper circulating all over Europe, and the HANIN NEWSPAPER (한인신문), a weekly Korean newspaper circulating in the UK, is hosting Celebrate Chuseok: Korean Mid-Autumn Festival with various Korean traditional performers visiting from Korea.

Drums from Jindo
Drums from Jindo

Date & Time: 7PM, 20th September 2008

Venue: The King’s Centre, Coppard Gardens, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2GZ

Nearest Station: Chessington North Station

Telephone: 020 8391 5522
Fax: 020 8391 5222


Fan Dance
Fan Dance
1. Baek Jae Instrumental & Masking Performance (백제 기악 탈놀이)
2. Hwa Kwan Moo (화관무)
4. Seon Eui Yu Dong (선의유동)
5. Drums from Jindo (진도북)
6. Sogo (소고)
7. Bi Na Ri & Bara (비나리, 바라)
8. Fan Dance (부채춤)
9. Traditional Percussion (전통 타악)

Total 100 minutes including 15 minutes break & Korean snacks and drinks provided

Performers (all from Korea):
Baek Jae Instrumental Preservation Society (백제 기악 전승 보존회)
Dance Department of Kongju University (공주대학교 무용과)
Choi Sun Dance Troupe (공주대 최선 무용단)
Performance Group JIPHYUN RITUAL AND PLAY: KOTTI (극단 집현)

FREE ADMISSION, but only limited seats, so BOOKING NECESSARY

Booking available via:

Tel: 020 8949 1100
E-mail: eknews @ hotmail . com
Fax: 020 8949 1144

United Drum
United Drum

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  1. I met the JIPHYUN-ritual and play.kotti in Hungary at Summerfest, I am Colombian interested on Korean culture and i would like to know the names of musicians and director.
    thank you.

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