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So Hot?

The official provider of broadband services to the LKL household has been looking East.

Wonder Girls in So Hot

As part of their Hot Girl Group series Virgin Media has noticed JYP’s teenage girl band Wonder Girls. Number 8 in a list containing 7 other girl groups whose average age is at least 5 years older than them, the performers of annoying, catchy and perfectly crafted pop songs are brought to the attention of the UK public. Branson’s pop researchers highlight Wonder Girls “comeback” single So Hot (did they ever go away?) as the one to listen out for.

Who: Where Japan have J-pop (an abbreviation of Japanese pop), Korea have K-pop, and these five young ladies are leading exponents of the genre. Attempts to expand into China and a recent tour of America hint at plans for international breakthrough.
Sounds like: Candyfloss pop aimed squarely at the female teen market.

There’s a school of thought that the marketing of the Wonder Girls presents them as too old for their age – or alternatively encouraging the wrong type of attention from older men – and the single which Virgin highlights is no exception to this:

Somehow, I prefer their first hit: the irritating guilty pleasure Tell Me.


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