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Vessels Gallery talk at the KCC

A reminder of the lecture “Two Perspectives on UK & Korean Ceramics” at the KCC on Tuesday 9 September. I’ll be up in Cambridge watching Springtime on the Peninsula (1941) at the BAKS conference, so if anyone feels like providing a report of the lecture for this site, feel free.

Works by Sena Gu (구세나) at the Vessels exhibition
Works by Sena Gu (구세나) at the Vessels exhibition

Here’s some useful background, courtesy of the KCC:

The exhibition “Vessels: Ceramicists from Korea & UK” opened on 12th August 2008 to exclamations of appreciation from specialists and collectors of ceramics alike. Admirers of this art form will be delighted to learn that there is still plenty of opportunity to visit the exhibition as it will be running until Thursday, 25th September. Featuring the work of 12 artists from Korea & the UK, the exhibition aligns the masterpieces of active artists alongside those of their masters, colleagues and accomplished apprentices to present an overview of cross-generational inspired ceramics.

A special Preview Evening took place on 12th August during which the exhibition was officially opened by the Korean Ambassador in the presence of Amanda Jones (Director of External Relations of the Craft Council), Gwen Green (UK Creative Industries), Christine Miller (Crafts Council Magazine), Allegra Mostynowen (Craft Photo), Alan Jenkins (Observer Magazine) and the Heads of Asian Art at the British and the Victoria & Albert Museums, plus many other eminent art-lovers.

As Emmanuel Cooper of the Royal College of Art observed, this is the first time both UK and Korean ceramics have featured in a joint exhibition in the UK. Consequently, to mark this special partnership several associated events have been organized including:

Workshop – “Make your Own Tile!” which will take place on Saturday, 6th September from 2pm. The artist Sena Gu will be leading the workshop, followed by a gallery tour of the exhibition.

Forum – “2 Perspectives on UK & Korean Ceramics” which will take place on Tuesday, 9th September at 6:30pm, Korean Cultural Centre UK. Presented by Emmanuel Cooper and Martha Donaghey

Enquiries & Reservations: Phone 020 7004 2600

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