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Barking Dogs screens at the KCC

The Korean Cultural Centre completes its retrospective of Bong Joon-ho’s works this month with his first feature, the entertaining Barking Dogs Never Bite (플란다스의 개) (2000), starring Lee Seong-jae and Bae Doo-na. As with Bong’s subsequent films, there’s plenty of humour amid the drama, and this one is well worth checking out, particularly for the stand-out performance of the quirky Bae Doo-na (right)

Here’s a synopsis:

In a peaceful middle-class apartment, part-time lecturer Yoon-ju is becoming hyper-sensitive to a dog’s barking coming from somewhere in the apartment. In attempts to find the source, he puts his ear to the floor or listens carefully to the sounds from the ceiling. Then one day, returning from his recycling ritual, he discovers a puppy standing in front of his neighbor’s door. Convinced that it is the culprit that has been bothering him, he dognaps the puppy and imprisons it in the basement. Meanwhile, the apartment custodian Hyun-nam searches for the puppy with its young owner. Satisfied of being rid of the dog, Yoon-ju returns to his apartment only to hear barking again. He rushes to the basement, but the puppy is nowhere to be found…

The film screens at 7pm on Thursday 27 November, and lasts 108 minutes. As ever, pre-registration is required by ringing 020 7004 2600 or emailing info at kccuk dot org dot uk.

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