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Seven Days screens at the KCC

Seven Days

Everyone’s favourite castaway Kim Yun-jin (above) stars in Seven Days directed by Won Shin-yeon, next week’s screening at the KCC (12 March)

Seven Days posterJiyeon (Kim Yun-jin) is a hard working, hot shot lawyer and single mother of a seven-year-old girl. During a school sports day, her daughter disappears.

Jiyeon receives an anonymous phone call: the caller has the girl. He proposes a deal. No ransom. He wants Jiyeon to prove a convicted murderer not guilty at his appeal. Within seven days. If she fails, she’ll never see her daughter alive.

With the clock against her, Jiyeon begins to reinvestigate the crime in a desperate search for evidence to defend the killer. The ringing won’t stop…

Massively successful in South Korea, Seven Days is an explosive, no-holds-barred thriller in the vein of 24 and se7en, a hyperkinetic race against the clock as a mother confronts mob violence, corruption and her own morality to save her daughter’s life

Seven Days

Cue a lot of hectic running around. Q over at gives it a thumbs-up for those who are looking for a fun thriller:

Seven Days is a slick and calculated thriller, all right, so those constitutionally unable to enjoy this kind of movie need not bother. It’s really not as clever or poignant as its makers probably think it is, but it may make a surprisingly strong impression for ordinary fans of Korean cinema, and is, needless to say, a must for Kim Yun-jin fans.

Seven Days: Kim Yun-jin misses out on valuable running-around time
Seven Days: Kim Yun-jin misses out on valuable running-around time

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