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Learn Korean in a London pub

Want to learn Korean in a fun and informal environment? You couldn’t do better than locate your classroom in the back room of a London boozer.

For a while, the Korean Language Meetup Group has been convening occasionally at the Korean-owned Old Justice pub in Bermondsey for socialising, singing and eating. But maybe not enough Korean has been spoken.

So SooHye Baik, who lives upstairs, has decided to take things in hand. Starting this coming Wednesday at 7:30pm, for the meagre price of £15, you can learn to speak Korean, and maybe eat Korean as well, because the Old Justice kitchens do a fine bulgogi.

For full details, email SooHye Baik at brenda87 [at] naver [dot] com, or text 079 4041 9433

The Old Justice can be found on Bermondsey Wall East, SE16 4TY [Map], and an account of a Korean Language Meetup there can be found here.


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