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Francesca Cho in Berlin and Lecce

London-based Korean artist Francesca Cho is participating in two group exhibitions in continental Europe during May: in Berlin and Lecce.

Reliquaries of Empires Dust posterReliquaries of Empires Dust

Reliquaries of Empires Dust is an exhibition exploring trends in art and artists response to the current global climate. Whether an exploration in environmental, geopolitical, monetary, cultural, societal shifts or in paradigms of utopias lost and found, the exhibition is building as three nucleii of repositaries of pasts, present and future with an organic structure where artists’ contributions are building networks of capsules, vitrines and mounted displays of works in keeping with the exhibition ethos of Museum MAN within the gallery space of Bereznitsky Gallery Berlin. International artists and Berlin artists alike have been invited to work within the space of the Bereznitsky.

82 artists from 23 countries participate in this international exhibition. Francesca Cho’s contribution is Poet’s Soul:

Francesca Cho: Poet's Soul (2009)
Francesca Cho: Poet's Soul (2009)

Bereznitsky Gallery
Heidestr. 73 / vor der Tankstelle links rein bitte!
Berlin, Germany, 1 – 30 May

Phone: 493070081256

Lecce catalogueMeanwhile in heel of Italy’s boot, Cho is one of thirty artists from sixteen countries chosen to participate in an exhibition entitled Transiti Nomadi (‘Nomadic Transitions’) in the Museo Civico di Arte Contemporanea di San Cesario di Lecce. Lecce, famous for its baroque architecture, is sometimes known as the Florence of the South, or as the city of 100 churches.

The theme of the exhibition is inspired by one of the characteristics of the surrounding Salento region of Italy, which has always been a cultural melting pot. Cho’s Gold Tree (below) was selected for the exhibition.

Francesca Cho: Gold Tree (2006) Oil on canvas, 41 x 66 cm
Francesca Cho: Gold Tree (2006) Oil on canvas, 41 x 66 cm

Museo Civico, Piazza Garibaldi, 16 (Palazzo Ducale)
Opening hours 9.00/13.00 – 15.00/18.00
Tel 0832 205636
18 April – 16 May 2009

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