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Francesca Cho in Hommage à Whanki

If I ever win the Euromillions lotto, LKL Towers will be adorned with a Kim Whanki or two. But as that will never happen, I have to content myself with an occasional visit to the Whanki Museum in Buam-dong. This May, there is a special group show in the museum, which includes work by London … [Read More]

Francesca Cho at the Riverside Studios

News of Francesca Cho’s latest solo show: A Pair of Fragile Glasses Francesca Cho Riverside Studios | Crisp Road | Hammersmith | London W6 9LR | 12-31 August 2012 Monday-Friday 8:30 – 23:00 | Saturday 10:00 – 23:00 | Sunday 10:00 – 22:30 Hammersmith’s Riverside Studios, one of London’s leading arts venues, comprising a … [Read More]

Francesca Cho’s Deli eXhibits

A couple of years ago the BBC was speculating that Deptford, a neglected corner of South-East London next to Greenwich, was becoming the new Paris: ancient churches, markets, pavement cafes and the Laban Dance Centre combine to create a cultural zone that’s well worth a visit, while the Deptford Dame and Deptford is… blogs provide … [Read More]

Francesca Cho in Dolphin Square group show

News of an upcoming group exhibition featuring a former chairman of the Korean Artists Association: Hidden behind the walls of the beautiful 1930s apartments of Dolphin Square in Pimlico lies a hidden gem – the exquisitely kept Moroccan Gardens. To mark the relaunch of the gardens Collective Studios has invited artists from across ACAVA studios … [Read More]

The Silence of Time: Francesca Cho in Seoul

London-based Korean artist Francesca Cho is currently in Seoul on a working sabbatical. She has a solo show entitled “The Silence of Time” in the Pyunghwa Gallery at the Catholic Centre, by Myungdong Cathedral, 13-26 January 2010. “The Silence of time”  초대의 글  자연과 인간의 조화로움을 어두움과 빛의 이미지를 통해 보여 주는 작가 조 프렌체스카의 … [Read More]

Rags in the Wind III

Following Francesca Cho’s participation in the Free International Artists group exhibition in Graz two years ago, she again joins group for their exhibition in Mozirje, Slovenia, 12 September – 12 October 2009. Francesca Cho: Rags in the Wind Mozirje Park, Slovenia 12 Sept – 12 Oct 2009 One of the latest works by Francesca Cho … [Read More]

A scientific look at ancient Korean art

Jennifer Barclay reports on the Anglo-Korean Society evening at the Korean Cultural Centre, 16 June 2009 Short documentaries on some of Korea’s ancient cultural artefacts were shown at the Korean Cultural Centre on 16 June, presented by members of the non-profit Korean Spirit and Cultural Promotion Project. Matthew Jackson and Hang-Jin Chang, who graduated together … [Read More]