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Francesca Cho in Copenhagen “TransitStation”

This coming weekend there will be an International ‘Exhibition as Event’ at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen.

More than 60 International Artists will participate in 2 days of non-stop art in action at art events and will show their works on 17th -18th April from 12 noon to 12 midnight. There will be an education day on 19th, with lectures, talks and workshops at the Academy.

London-based Korean artist Francesca Cho is participating in this group show, exhibiting an installation with 10 drawings. She will also do a performance which includes a poetry recitation.

“I am reciting three poems, one from where I was born, one from where I live and one from where I am visiting,” says Cho. “All three poems reveal sorrow or pain while still showing a love of the poet’s country.” The three poems are Oscar Wilde’s “Ballad of Reading Gaol”, Yun Dong-ju’s “Prologue” and Benny Andersen’s “Secluded places are not what they used to be”.

Cho, a past Chairman of the UK Korean Artists Association, recently returned from a four-month stint in Seoul where she had a solo show and a couple of group shows.

Cho’s participation in the Copenhagen show, to be held at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, is made possible by sponsorship from the Korean Tourism Office, the British Council and Arts Council England.

The exhibition publicity materials describe the event as follows:

The idea of the event, entitled TransitStation, is based on the interactive presence of the spectator. The artwork exists and unfolds in real time with an understanding for a three-dimensional and separate object, in this case, a scaffolding structure. The nature of scaffolding is transitive; it will always exist with the implications of its ‘temporary’ nature. The scaffolding, within an interior space (the gallery or site-in-situ) represents a state of in-between, denoting the absence of beginnings and endings. Scaffolding, the sculpture of transit station dominates the space with its hulking, static presence throughout each of the events.

Thanks to Poets, Francesca Cho 2010. Photo: in kyeong
Thanks to Poets, Francesca Cho 2010. Photo: in kyeong


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