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Rags in the Wind III

Following Francesca Cho’s participation in the Free International Artists group exhibition in Graz two years ago, she again joins group for their exhibition in Mozirje, Slovenia, 12 September – 12 October 2009.

Francesca Cho: Rags in the Wind

Mozirje Park, Slovenia
12 Sept – 12 Oct 2009

Francesca Cho: Floating Soul 2
Francesca Cho: Floating Soul 2

One of the latest works by Francesca Cho bears the name of an original group exhibition being held in Slovenia at Mozirski Park in Mozirje from the 12th September to the 12th October 2009: “Rags in the Wind III”. The project, curated by Milena Koren Božiček, is actually on its third edition and it is organized by free International artists and takes place in a unique venue. The latter is a park rich in flower plants where visitors will be able to enjoy both the Nature and the Art.

The event outlines the concept of the “art in the wind” that derives from the contemplation of clothes hanging on a rope running from side to side in a narrow lane, in a yard or on a roof, hanged by women from all the world. The wind touches the clothes and make them move in ever changing dances, it makes the colours wave against the blue sky like they were part of it.

Francesca Cho’s rag titled “Floating Soul” is dominated by a light and lively green colour which represents freedom and peace. The drafted details give it a sense of lightness and suggests the idea of fragility of life. Once again, the gentle shapes and airy chromatic finish capture the eye of the spectator who is inexorably lifted to a higher level of meditation and spirituality.


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