Son, My Enemy screens at the KCC

This Thursday’s film at the KCC is Oh Sang-hoon’s 파송송 계란탁 (2004), variously known as “Son, My Enemy” and “Cracked Eggs and Noodles”.

Son, My Enemy (파송송 계란탁)

Director: Oh Sang-hun (2004, 107min)
Thurday 27th August 2009, 7:00pm, Multi-purpose Hall, KCC
Event: Korean noodle with Kimchi, 6:00pm Free
Pre-registration is required with the KCC by email (info at kccuk dot org dot uk) or by phone (Tel. 0207 004 2600)



My Son My enemyAlthough it may be a sham business, Dae-gyu struggles hard to succeed in the record industry. As for his personal life, he is busy trying to score with the ladies, but one day, a child appears. His name is Chun In-kwon and, given his age, he could very well be Dae-gyu’s son. But this realization doesn’t stop Dae-gyu from leading his bachelor existence. In an attempt to send In-kwon away, he first tries to ignore him, and then to report him to the police as a lost child, finally trying to leave him on the street. But In-kwon, with his innocent exterior, plays psychological games with Dae-gyu to which Dae-gyu is no match. In-kwon makes an unexpected proposal: if Dae-gyu does just one thing for him, he will get out of his life forever. He wants to take a trip across the country with Dae-gyu. Thinking that the child could only last three days at the most on a long trip, Dae-gyu happily takes him. But it is actually Dae-gyu who is the first one to feel exhausted. He tries to find In-kwon’s mother, but to no avail. Then, he again attempts to abandon In-kwon, but he cannot, as he now feels attached to him. In-kwon, on the other hand, believes that once they complete their journey across the country, his wish will come true. Although Dae-gyu does not know what In-kwon is wishing for, he reluctantly continues on the journey. On their way, they chance upon a pregnant woman at a motel. Due to her unexpected delivery, Dae-gyu takes her to the hospital. There, he learns of a secret In-kwon has been keeping, and he also learns about the wish In-kwon is trying to fulfill through their cross-country journey. He is deeply moved by this knowledge, and this scares him: will Dae-gyu give up the bachelor life that he has maintained for so many years?



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