Bungee Jump at the KCC

Bungee Jumping of their Own

The first of this month’s film screenings featuring the sadly missed Lee Eun-ju is Bungee Jumping of their own (번지점프를 하다) (Kim Dae-seung, 2001), also starring Lee Byung-hun.

Here’s a synopsis, in fluent Konglish, from KMDB.

The summer of 1983. SEO In-woo, majoring in Korean language & literature, has not believed in love and fate, but he falls in love with IN Tae-hee majoring in sculpture at first sight. However farewell comes unexpectedly just as his love came before. In-woo is waiting for Tae-hee at the platform where he is supposed to leave for his military service. But Tae-hee doesn’t arrive up until the very last. 17 years later. In-woo has forgotten Tae-hee and married another woman. Now he has become a high school teacher. However love hits him again, and the object of his love is his 17 year-old male pupil, named LIM Hyun-bin. He can’t accept his emotion at first, but he feels the IN Tae-hee of 17 years ago from Hyun-bin’s every action. Her unique curiosity, peculiar habits and especially the lighter of 17 years ago which Tae-hee made! Now, they drown themselves off a beautiful cliff in New Zealand.

But don’t be put off by the language. It’s rather a touching film.

The screening is at 7pm on Thursday 10 September. As usual, pre-registration with the KCC is required. Ring 0207 004 2600 or email info@kccuk.org.uk


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