Films from the 30s at the KCC

Notice of this week’s screening at the KCC. Note that the start time is 6:00pm:

Films from the 30sThursday 10th December 2009
The Past Unearthed: A collection of films from the 1930s

On Thursday the 10th December at 6pm we hope you will join as at the Korean Cultural Centre where we will be screening a collection of films made in Korea in the 1930s.

The venue will the multi-purpose hall in the Korean Cultural Centre, Ground Floor, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW.

Film Title: Sweet Dream (1936)
Director: Yang joo-nam
Runtime: 48 mins

“The oldest (Korean) film in existence and a valuable window into 1930s films grammar, as well as into discourses on New Women and modernity during the japanese colonial era”

Film Title: Military Train (1938)
Director: Seo Gwang-jae
Runtime: 67 mins

Kim Jeom-young (wang Pyeong) and Won Jin (dok Eun-gil) are friends who are living together. Kim Jeom-yong is a train conductor who wants to drive military trains. Won Jin is the fiancé of yeong-shim, jeom-yeong’s younger sister. At this time, a spy approaches Won Jin and offers 2,000 KRW in exchange for information on the military train…

Film Title: Fisherman’s Fire (1939)
Director: Ahn Cheol-young
Runtime: 52 mins

‘Sweet Dreams’ is a melodrama dealing with a housewife, Ae-soon’s (Mun Ye-bong) deviation and repentance, and you can see the editing method of Korean sound films in the 1930s ‘Military Train’ is regarded as the first pro-Japan, pro-government Korean films. It is Seo Gwang-je’s debut work as a film director.

As usual, preregistration is required by email ( or phone (Tel. 0207 004 2600).

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