Take Off screens at the KCC

News of next Thursday’s screening at the KCC

The 37th Korean Film Night at The Korean Cultural Centre UK

Film title: Take Off (Gukgadaepyo), 2009, 137mins
Director: Kim Yong Hwa
Cast: Ha Jung-Woo
Venue: KCC, Multi-purpose Hall
Time: Thursday, 11th Feb, 7:00pm

In 1996 a small Korean town is undergoing a large-scale construction in preparation for the Winter Olympics bid. In the middle of the construction, the local committee receives a report that they do not have sufficient athletes to compete. They decide to form a ski jump team in order to represent the event. Former American Junior alpine athlete Bob is an adoptee who came to Korea in search of his mother. With 4 other non-experienced athletes, he forms the first Korean ski jump team. There’s no turning back, it’s a challenge they are committed to! (KOFIC).

Booking is required, please RSVP to info@kccuk.org.uk
Admission is free.

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