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The Korean War – a special interest weekend in Oxford

Details of an interesting couple of days next weekend at Christ Church, in an event organised by Holt Tours. Wish I’d known about it earlier.

Special Interest Weekend
Christ Church, Oxford 15th April – 18th April 2010

Special Interest weekend graphicThe Korean War was fought 60 years ago, and next year will be the anniversary of the Chinese Winter Offensive of 1951 when three Chinese armies (numbering some 700,000 troops) attacked along the UN line in an attempt to push UN troops southward down the Korean Peninsula. Following the Battles of Imjin River and Kapyong – the UN forces (which included US, British, Canadian, and Australian troops,) stabilised the line along the 38th Parallel – leading to the stalemate that remained until the war ended in 1953. It was a critical moment in the war, following President Truman’s removal of General McArthur as the Supreme Commander for insubordination, and the stage in the war when the use of nuclear weapons was seriously considered.

In April 2011 Holts Tours intends to conduct of battlefield tour of these two great battles – and this Special Interest Weekend at Christ Church offers an excellent introduction to the subject of the Korean War. Holts would also be interested to hear from any veterans who have a story to tell.


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