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Voices of Freedom: Performances, Escapee Talks, Documentary & Director Q&A

You’re Invited to “Voices of Freedom”: An Evening of Reflection, Tribute, and Unity Join us for a profound journey through the stories of North Korean defectors and the forgotten POWs of the Korean War, hosted by the Peaceful Unification Advisory Council. This unique event weaves together inspiring lectures, a compelling documentary screening, and heartfelt performances … [Read More]

SOAS seminar: An Atomic Age Unleashed

This presentation explores the common culture of Cold War scientism and atomic developmentalism in early North and South Korea. While tens of thousands of Koreans were subject to the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, early peninsular analysis of the bombings rarely grappled with the existence of these individuals. The general exclusion of colonial subjects … [Read More]

12.12 The Day (서울의 봄) Theatrical release

After the assassination of President Park, martial law has been declared. A coup d’état bursts out by Defense Security Commander Chun Doo-gwang and a private band of officers following him. Capital Defense Commander Lee Tae-shin, an obstinate soldier who believes the military should not take political actions, fights against Chun Doo-gwang to stop him. According … [Read More]

1883: A Journey Through the Archives

The KCCUK is pleased to present ‘1883: A Journey Through the Archives’ to commemorate the 140th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and the United Kingdom. The exhibition features a wonderful array of materials that presents the encounters between Korea and the UK in the early period of diplomacy in 19th century Joseon. As Korea … [Read More]

Site of first Korean legation in London unveiled

At a brief ceremony on 30 October, Ambassador Yoon Yeocheol unveiled a plaque marking the location of the first Korean legation to London, together with Mr Ian McDermott, representing the owners of the building. The building is at 4 Trebovir Road [map], a side street by Earls Court Station in West London, and is now … [Read More]

Cairo Declaration and Korean service in British army commemorated in SOAS conference

Hands up, anyone who had actually heard of the Cairo Declaration before this SOAS conference designed to mark its 80th anniversary? I certainly hadn’t. Winston Churchill was in Cairo with a contingent of over 100 diplomatic and administrative staff, in late November 1943, where along with Chang Kai-shek and President Roosevelt they were starting to … [Read More]

Conference: The Korean Independence Movement and the United Kingdom

To commemorate the 140th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and the United Kingdom and the 80th anniversary of the Cairo Declaration, SOAS University of London and the National Memorial of the Korean Provisional Government are jointly holding this international academic conference. Scholars from Korea and the UK will gather to engage … [Read More]

The Korean War: 70 Years On

Dr Grace Huxford reflects on the events and legacy of the Korean War 70 years since the conflict ended. On 27 July 1953, an armistice agreement was signed, bringing an end to the Korean War (1950-53). However, tensions on the Korean peninsula remained high and the legacies of the conflict continue to this day. In … [Read More]

Book talk: William Franklin Sands in Late Choson Korea – At the Deathbed of Empire, 1896-1904

William Franklin Sands was the highest-ranking foreign adviser in the Korean government in the twilight years of the Choson dynasty. His book, entitled Undiplomatic Memories, first published in 1930 and now nearly a century old, has been the seemingly definitive account of his life and career in Seoul. However, his Papers in the St. Charles Borromeo Seminary outside … [Read More]

SOAS 2022 Autumn seminars

The Tradition of Commons: Two Magna Cartas of England and Korea Prof Hang-Nyeong Oh (Jeonju University) 18 November ‘Magna Carta’ was a charter approved by King John of England in 1215. And there was a constitution called the Great Compendium of Statecraft (經國大典) in Korea in 1485. Article 33 of Magna Carta stipulates that “In … [Read More]

SOAS seminar: Making “Aristocracy” of Koryŏ Dynasty

Since the early twentieth century there has been an ongoing discussion regarding the ruling class in Koryŏ dynasty (918-1392). This debate is very much related to the arguments about the development of Korean history. In this talk I will discuss how the debate defining Koryŏ’s ruling class as the aristocracy has developed since the 1960s. … [Read More]