Women is the Future of Man, with Hong Sang-soo Q&A in Cambridge

Woman is the Future of Man posterFresh from his win at Cannes, award-winning filmmaker Hong Sang-soo receives his first ever retrospective in the UK (BFI Southbank) on the eve of his Venice debut.

“Arguably Korea’s finest filmmaker of the last decade” Time Out.

“Hong Sang-soo is a great director…. his films make us less stupid. (They) endow narrative with a complexity which has gradually been disappearing in recent cinema” Claire Denis, filmmaker.

“Master of the beautifully modulated and devastatingly melancholy romantic farce” Village Voice.

“Memory, desire and raw self-interest clash against one another with startling poignancy” The New York Times.

Woman is the Future of Man
Cambridge Arts Picturehouse
Tuesday, 7th September, 6pm
Followed by Q & A with the director Hong Sang Soo, hosted by Dr Mark Morris, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Tickets: £8.00 (Concessions/members less)

Woman is the Future of Man
With Yoo Jitae, Sung Hyunah, Kim Taewoo. 87min. EST.
A wintery comedy, this starts when two old college friends (one just back from the States) decide to look up a girl they both once dated. Sunhwa, the sometime object of their affections, now runs a bar in Bucheon, a dormitory town south of Seoul. But flashbacks reveal that the two men remember her very differently, and the reunion has consequences, which threaten both a marriage and a friendship. Wry, sharp and funny.

2 thoughts on “Women is the Future of Man, with Hong Sang-soo Q&A in Cambridge

  1. I agree with film maker Claire Denis about the films of Hong Sang-soo (although I heard he hates to have a hyphen in his name, even though it is the standard Korean naming convention!).

    Watching one of his films makes you a better person – it feels like going to Film Church 🙂

    It may help other Londoners interested in the films of Hong Sang-soo to read this cheat sheet which is a tongue in cheek retrospective of his work for beginners: http://bestforfilm.com/film-blog/cheat-sheet-hong-sangsoo/

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